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Times were hard when Gerard Loyson from Koolskamp (Ardooie) and his wife Jacqueline in 1982 decided as West Flemings to start earning their bread in the Spanish Calpe.  They did this together with their three children: Stefan, Mien and Carline.  On December 15, 1982 they opened the doors of Pastelería Flandes for the first time and, over the years, really made their name in the area.  Belgian, Spanish and many other customers visit the so-called "Belgian baker" and give them their custom by returning regularly.

The first years were hard financially, but the family was able to buy a whole carton of eggs with the earnings of their first apple pie and like this they moved on ... the flour was already borrowed from a Spanish baker.  The three children helped many nights in order to make it work, but with this, and of course the hard work of Gerard on the oven and Jacqueline in sales, they could extend their business to a real nice cafetaria after 8 years, established in 1990.

One year later, son Stefan and his wife started a bakery in Handzame (Belgium) and in June 1997 Gerard decided to let his daugthers take care of the business.  Daughter Mien and her husband Krist Bardyn since then have run the bakery (pastelería) ... Krist still takes care of the oven at night and Mien handles the patisserie and sales.

Since June 1997 the youngest daughter Carline runs the cozy tea-room (bar).  In addition to delicious homebaked sandwiches, with truly the best coffee or tea, you can find snacks, fresh baked pancakes, ice cream and a lot more delicacies.