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Established by Jacqueline and Gerard Loyson Bogaert: bakery, confectionery, chocolate manufacturer and tea-room. Pasteleria flandes is a true concept in Calpe and Belgium ... everyone knows the Belgian baker of Calpe but also the Belgian bakery in Benidorm, the same bread and cakes to serve our mainly Belgian, Dutch, Spanish, German, English and French customers.

It started in 1982 when Gerard and Jacqueline founded a small tea-room establishment with the intention to serve the many Belgians (who stayed in Spain during winter). This was a big success and soon all Belgian tour buses stopped in "the Flandes" so travellers could start their stay in Calpe with a delicious breakfast. In no time the business needed to expand and we extended our premises twice before we got to our current size.

For the past twelve years the two daughters have run the business and today the Flandes is recognised as a fixture for visitors to the area.

We would like to thank you all for the confidence you have given us and hope to serve you for many years to come!

Greetings, Krist en Mien Bardyn-Loyson.