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Calpe (Calp) is a town with over 27,000 inhabitants in the Spanish province of Alicante with an area of 24 km².

It is located in the Valencia region and the view in Calpe is determined by the surrounding hills, the beautiful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean sea and of course a true icon of the Costa Blanca, the 332 meter high rock El peñon de Ifach that can be seen for many miles in the periphery. The rock offers excellent climbing experience with wonderfull sights for hikers and is part of a small bird reservation.

Because of its ideal climate and beautiful surroundings Calpe is a popular tourist place, with some of the most beautiful beaches, and a fishing port near the center of the city, numerous apartment buildings on the boulevard, as well as cafes, restaurants and a few disco bars. The old town is still intact and still contains traces of Moorish history.

You will not find the extreme touristic crowds of Benidorm (12-13 miles) in Calpe, but there is certainly enough going on and much to enjoy.  An ideal resort for true beach lovers, but also an excellent base for various excursions and nature walks.  Outside of the summer season Calpe is an ideal refuge from a harsch winter.